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    Releasing Music For The First Time

    Francesca Gonzales breaks down the scariness and vulnerability of releasing music for the first time with drummer Nick Reid…

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    What If COVID-19 Didn’t Happen?

    Francesca Gonzales spoke to three Melbourne musicians Grace Turner, Phoebe Elsworth and Lucky Pereria about the new ways they are approaching life and art since COVID-19 hit…

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    Music Industry Mentoring Edge

    On this episode of the Anonymous Musicians podcast we spoke to some key members involved in the new Music Industry Mentorship Edge (MIME) program…

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    Jade Imagine – ‘You Remind Me Of Something I Lost By’

    Thank you for this music Jade Imagine. Now for what really matters, right now – support links:…

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    PBS 106.7 FM – Stories Over The Years

    Guests Emma Peel, Sarah Blably and Adrian Basso chat about their current radio festival, the history of PBS with stories from over the years, and how they will move to the Collingwood Yards without going off air and more…

  • mildlife_press_compositelandscape-credit-tom-ross
    Mildlife – ‘Rare Air’

    ‘Rare Air’ is like a fine wine. Save it for a special occasion when you’re seated in your comfiest chair, with your most expensive piece of audio listening device, and then close your eyes…

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    Music Public Relations During COVID-19

    Francesca Gonzales chats with Sammie Anschau of Beehive PR, Cara Williams from Slow Clap and Sarah Guppy from This Much Talent about how working and developing alongside a PR team is an artists best chance of success…

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    Australian Music Blogs In 2020

    Maddie Liang from WhoTheHell, James Frostick from Weirdo Wasteland and James Lynch of Trouble Juice go into what it means to run a music publication in 2020…

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    Positives And Negatives Of COVID-19 On Musicians (Part 2)

    Part 2: Fran speaks to Clea, Allan McConnell of Close Counters and Aneta Urbonaite…

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    Positives And Negatives Of COVID-19 On Musicians (Part 1)

    Part 1: Fran speaks to Chela, JunoDisco and Claire Chapman…

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    Simona Castricum – ‘The Present’

    Midway through ‘The Present’ Simona says “Wonder if anyone is listening, when I’d rather just play techno”…

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    Audio Visual Technicians During COVID-19

    Graphics by Carla Scotto I’m going to post all the Anonymous Musicians podcasts from my new Hmmm Podcasts channel on Ripe. At least until Hmmm Podcasts catches on. In this ‘Audio Visual Technicians During COVID-19’ episode of Anonymous Musicians: Host Francesca Gonzales dives into the……

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    Dave Machine – ‘Nectarine’

    If you dig DFA Records artists like Holy Ghost! The Juan Maclean or instrumental version of Hot Chip, then chow down on ‘Nectarine’…

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    Music Managers During COVID-19

    Host Francesca Gonzales speaks to three Australian music managers Josh Milgate of Hutch Collective, Charlotte Abroms and Lorrae McKenna of Our Golden Friend…

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    Musicians Check In During COVID-19

    Host Francesca Gonzales checks-in with some local Melbourne musicians Allysha Joy, William Hannagan aka. Willing, and Carl Lindeberg…

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    Melbourne Dance Scene During COVID-19

    We spoke to one of the Colour Club owners Benny Rausa, DJ and PBS presenter Adriana and Louis McCoy of Inner Varnika…

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    Community Radio During COVID-19

    How donations and support for metro radio stations is more important that ever as they are creating a strong community and supporting local musicians through-out this crisis…

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    Isol-Aid Music Festival

    Host Fran, Emily Ulman, Merpire and Forever Son discuss the feeling of hopelessness when all the venues shut their doors. Raising money for support act. When Merpire came up with the idea and more!…

  • rvg
    RVG – ‘Christian Neurosurgeon’

    Thank fudge for new RVG, providing that sweet, sweet bit of head thrusting energy we all need right now, work those sternocleidomastoid neck muscles….

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    Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange ft. Jitwam – ‘Still Swag’

    Bit of scenic, spacey, gliding full band house. For those people who are already feeling a bit loopy in self-isolation. Dance in your minds people….