09 May Audio Visual Technicians During COVID-19

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I’m going to post all the Anonymous Musicians podcasts from my new Hmmm Podcasts channel on Ripe. At least until Hmmm Podcasts catches on.

In this ‘Audio Visual Technicians During COVID-19’ episode of Anonymous Musicians:
Host Francesca Gonzales dives into the Audio Visual production world with engineer, producer and mixer Anna Laverty, live sound engineer and tour manager Louis Cornell and Audio Visual production guru Scott Anderson. Scott explains the ins and outs of the new on-line streaming experience Delivered Live, and how the small team at Harry the Hirer had to quickly up-skill to undertake this massive production including every detail of the sanitation process. Anna explains her loss of recording studio work and what the future will hold in that space and how lots of artists are now recording from home. They all discuss the new found emphasis on live-streaming as Louis offers his help to artists who want high-quality recordings. He also reminds the listeners of the importance of rest and not feeling like you have to constantly contribute. They all round it out with an insight into each guest’s wellbeing and who qualifies for Centrelink.

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