14 Feb Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – ‘Cars In Space’

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever keep rolling on with more new twirling guitar smoothies. Interestingly the 1st AD on this video clip is Julia Jacklin.

Local shows coming up:

14.02.20 Perth Festival
Chevron Lighthouse, Perth AUS

01.03.20 Nine Lives Festival
Brisbane, AUS

14.03.20 with Pixies
Sydney Opera House Forecourt, Sydney AUS

15.03.20 with Pixies
Sydney Opera House Forecourt, Sydney AUS

18.03.20 Brunswick Music Festival
Estonian House, Brunswick VIC

28.03.20 Meadow Festival
Bambra, VIC

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05 Feb Loose Tooth – ‘Lonely’

Loose Tooth’s latest track provides all the late night feels one might need. The chorus nostalgia feels will take you places.
It comes out as part of a split single with ‘The Process’ by Chastity Belt.
Catch both bands touring the US West coast this month.

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01 Feb Andras: Joyful

Melbourne wizard Andras just released a new seven track album titled Joyful via the label Beats In Space Records. A portion of proceeds from this release will benefit the Invasive Species Council as a part of the ongoing Come! Mend! Initiative.
The album was mastered by Mikey Young (like 80% of Melbourne’s best releases this decade), so you know it’s worth getting the sweet, sweet vinyl via Discogs.

Joyful Track List:
1. ‘Honeybird’ 04:35
2. ‘Live Forever’ 05:54
3. ‘Poppy’ 04:35
4. ‘River Red’ 04:37
5. ‘Harf Green’ 05:17
6. ‘Saga of Sweetheart’ 05:27
7. ‘Goggles’ 05:25

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29 Jan Big Yawn – ‘Skinrat’

I did miss the initial email about this track in July, but never late then never as they say.
It’s like the early dim-lit Scuba neon synth chords vibe being shuffled along by Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange.
The album No! is released 6 March 2021 via Research Records.

You can also catch them live this summer:
3 February – Drive Live – PBS106.7FM – Melbourne
6 February – Wildlife VIC / CFA Fundraiser with Bitumen, Big Yawn, Premium Fantasy, Synthetics – The Curtin – Melbourne
15 February – Something Unlimited – Northcote Town Hall – Melbourne
20 March – No! Album Launch – The Tote – Melbourne
* No! National Tour TBA *

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23 Jan Dianas – ‘Going Gone’

Dianas don’t mess around on their new track ‘Going Gone’. It’s the first track from their upcoming new album set to be released on a new label called Blossom Rot Records run by Nathalie Pavlovic (Dianas) and Sophie McComish (Body Type).

Fun, fun, fun in 2020.

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24 Oct Premiere: Tuscan Ruins – ‘Miel’

Relatively unknown producer Tuscan Ruins launched their first EP ‘Miel‘ on cassette tape last Thursday. With previous work under the name Runsthevoodoodown via Potatoheadz, ‘Miel’ brings an evolution to the Melbourne producer’s sound.The hangovers of their previous work remain – crunchy sounds and a brooding aesthetic – but there is more of a narrative to the most recent release.

Listening to ‘Alone at the Tyrrenhian‘ brings to the forefront of your mind the works of Aphex Twin, especially their ‘Selected Ambient Works Volume II‘. The pulsing rhythm of ‘The Windswept Harbour, Her Curtained Navel‘ punches through the milieu of the other more atmospheric tracks, gravitating towards a more traditional techno sound.

The tape launch at Skydiver Record Store in Collingwood saw a handful of people and some friendly dogs down for a few cases of budget beer (Clue: the name of the lager rhymes with “spun”). Given the meteoric rise of some of Melbourne’s lo-fi artists (such as Rudolf C, Hymns, Shedbug) Tuscan Springs is one to watch.

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Sarah Chav' -

26 Apr Ripe Guide: Australia’s Best New Music (26/4/18)

Photo by Sarah Chavdaroska

This is our updated weekly playlist of the 40 best new Australian songs released within the past two months. This week’s guide includes new entries from Den, Caroline No, Jaala, Gabriella Cohen, Courtney Barnett, Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton, Mio, Suss Cunts, Gradi, Cool Sounds, Hatchie, Assorted Pleasures, Leisure Centre, Exhibitionist, Alta and this week’s best new track by Body Type.

As always, we have an updated Spotify playlist, updated SoundCloud playlist, and our full guide below.



40. Alta – ‘Now You Want Me’ | Uploaded: April 24th

39. Exhibitionist — ‘Sway’ | Uploaded: April 20th

38. Leisure Centre ft. Bec Rigby – ‘Don’t Let Go’ | Uploaded: April 20th

37. Assorted Pleasures – ‘Blonde’ | Uploaded: April 22nd

36. Hatchie — ‘Sleep’ | Uploaded: April 25th

35. Cool Sounds – ‘Grudge’ | Uploaded: April 19th

34. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – ‘Talking Straight’ | Uploaded: April 10th | Open with SoundCloud

33. Georgia Mulligan – ‘So Long’ | Uploaded: April 5th | Open with Spotify

32. Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton – ‘Where It Ends’ | Uploaded: April 9th | Open with SoundCloud

31. Roza Terenzi – ‘Weakest Link’ | Uploaded: April 10th | Open with SoundCloud

30. Katz – ‘Waterfall’ | Uploaded: March 21st | Open with YouTube

29. Dog Futon – ‘Goal w8’ | Uploaded: April 17th | Open with SoundCloud

28. Gradi – ‘I Do Not Play’ | Uploaded: April 20th

27. Suss Cunts – ’10 Years’ | Uploaded: April 20th

26. Mio – ‘I Feel Like I’m Always Running Late’ | Uploaded: April 25th

25. Totally Mild – ‘From One Another’ | Uploaded: February 27th | Open with SoundCloud

24. Amaya Laucirica – ‘Could This Be’ | Uploaded: February 27th | Open with SoundCloud

23. Kwame – ‘WOW’ | Uploaded: March 24th | Open with SoundCloud

22. Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton – ‘Plans’ | Uploaded: April 13th

21. Suss Cunts – ‘Temper’ | Uploaded: April 5th | Open with YouTube

20. Slow Dancer – ‘Bitter’ | Uploaded: April 9th | Open with SoundCloud

19. Good Morning – ‘Escalator’ | Uploaded: March 27th | Open with SoundCloud

18. Katie Dey – ‘Darkness’ | Uploaded: March 29th | Open with Bandcamp

17. Courtney Barnett – ‘City Looks Pretty’ | Uploaded: April 20th

16. Gabriella Cohen – ‘Music Machine’ | Uploaded: April 25th

15. Dog Futon – ‘l8 bloomr’ | Uploaded: March 24th | Open with SoundCloud

14. Donny Benet – ‘You’re Too Good’ | Uploaded: April 6th | Open with SoundCloud

13. Good Morning – ‘For A Little While’ | Uploaded: April 17th | Open with SoundCloud

12. Loure – ‘Needs’ | Uploaded: April 1st | Open with SoundCloud

11. Jaala – ‘Frogs Tears’ | Uploaded: April 20th

10. Baby Blue – ‘I Like You’ | Uploaded: April 17th | Open with SoundCloud

9. Caroline No – ‘Alex’ | Uploaded: March 6th

8. Dianas – ‘Leave Love’ | Uploaded: March 28th | Open with YouTube

7. Den – ‘Into The Ether’ | Uploaded: March 26th

6. Jaala – ‘Horn’ | Uploaded: March 2nd | Open with SoundCloud

5. DJ Heure – ‘Eastbound [Let’s Play House]’ | Uploaded: March 21st | Open with SoundCloud

4. Body Type – ‘Arrow’ | Uploaded: April 23rd

3. Gabriella Cohen – ‘Baby’ | Uploaded: March 20th | Open with SoundCloud

2. Couture – ‘O.H.M.’ | Uploaded: February 27th | Open with YouTube

1. Laura Jean – ‘Touchstone’ | Uploaded: March 21st | Open with Youtube

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