27 Jun Third Time’s The Absolute Charm – Hopkins Creek 2018

Ahead of the third instalment of the ever-growing Hopkins Creek, we decided to give you a run-down of what is fast becoming one of Victoria’s premier festivals.

Hopkins has stepped up its international lineup exponentially, from two international acts in its 2017 edition to seven in 2018. With humble beginnings in a few recreant bush parties with a home built sound system, seeing a homegrown festival grow in size stirs a little pride in your dedicated punter.

Highlights from previous years would definitely include Sleep D’s hybrid set of 2016, unleashing tracks like ‘Ground Loop‘ by Atom™ in the early hours of the crater, as well as the Hopkins Creek DJs themselves playing a completely stacked crowd-pleaser set to close off 2017.


A stalwart of the Discwoman roster, Cindy Li honed her eclectic taste on college radio. Ciel, as she is known as, is a multi-talented DJ, producer, presenter and party-thrower, as well as being a vocal advocate for female-identifying talent in the electronic music sphere. Ciel’s release on Shanti Celeste’s Peach Discs last year straddles a perfect balance between electro sounds and dreamy synths. This latest release has proven to be hugely listenable, making Ciel one to watch.

Fantastic Man

Local in origin and international in flavour, Fantastic Man is an Australian DJ and producer who plays all around the world. Holding numerous titles from Mic Newman, Mind Lotion, and P.M.T.C, Fantastic Man has taste and talent in spades – just check his Sugar Mountain set if you need any reassurance.

Samo DJ

Swedish artist Samo Forsberg aka Samo DJ has made a splash on labels including Trilogy Tapes, L.I.E.S., Born Free, and Public Possession. With a left-of-centre sound that’s equal parts demanding and playful, Samo is sure to take the crowd for a ride.


Garnering quite the name for herself with a key performance at Freedom Time, Wax O’ Paradiso and Inner Varnika, Millú has shown an impressive level of versatility. Her latest Melbourne Deepcast is a testament to that, playing deeper tracks peppered with plenty of UK breaks.


One of the standout acts from last year’s Hopkins, Sunnyside’s infectious energy was the perfect balm for any hangover. In a line up heavy on DJs and producers, Sunnyside brings a ray of difference to the Hopkins Creek roster, a welcome wedge of jazzy goodness.

Grab your tickets here before they sell out for Hopkins Creek 2018 (Nov 30th – Dec 2nd)

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20 Apr Trading Tunes with Jade Imagine

Photo by Jamie Wdziekonski

Melbourne’s own Jade Imagine, fronted by indie-scene-legend Jade McInally, have become a staple in the local scene. Having released an EP with Milk! Records – headed by Aussie favourites Courtney Barnett and Jen Cloher – the feeling is that Jade Imagine will continue to rise to greatness.

Not only are they releasing great material, backed by all-Aussie-all-star label and artist management collective Our Golden Friend, their band currently features many notable names – Liam ‘Snowy’ Halliwell (The Ocean Party) on bass, producer/guitarist Tim Harvey (Emma Louise, Real Feelings) and James Harvey (Teeth & Tongue) on drums. It’s an all-star cast all-round!

Before Jade Imagine hit the stage at Melbourne Museum‘s Nocturnal event this Friday night – alongside Totally Mild, Jess Ribeiro & RVG in collaboration with Our Golden Friend – we had a chat with Jade and she gave us some favourite tracks from the classic film ‘School of Rock’. Tickets are still available for Nocturnal.

Jade McInally: Because we are a “rock band” and we’re playing in a Museum it seemed fitting – Museums are often frequented by schools on excursions. School Of Rock is set in a school. Its all connected… derrr!

Stevie Nicks – ‘Edge Of Seventeen’

“We are currently working out how to play this live. Fun fact, you can make a medley mix of this song and “I Was Made For Lovin You’ by kiss, cuz they have pretty much the same guitar part. This is also the moment in the film where the school principal gets drunk and lets her guard down. Y’all gonna let your guards down and play with us on Friday?.”

David Bowie – ‘Moonage Daydream’

“The best Bowie song ever. Fun Fact, this week we had a full moon in Scorpio. AKA Pink Moon.”

Deep Purple – ‘Smoke On The Water’

“This is the bit where Jack Black says “cello!” and I always laugh.”

AC/DC – ‘For Those Of You About To Rock’

“This will be us on Friday at the Melbourne Museum (Cc: RVG, Jess Ribeiro, Totally Mild)”

T. Rex – ‘Ballrooms Of Mars’

“The youtube comments for this song are amazing… “T.REX BROUGHT ME HERE”, “that guitar solo makes me want to jettison my body into the cosmos” and”I came here because I hate Guns N Roses”, amongst others… ”

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07 Feb By The Meadow 2018: 5 Artists To Check Out

By The Meadow is a small festival held 1.5 hours out of Melbourne in Bambra. With both Paradise Music Festival and Shady Cottage taking a year off this summer, By The Meadow is this summer’s most eclectic festival line-up of local musical artists.

Held from the 6th-8th of April, tickets are only $97.20, which is absurd for the talent ratio per dollar. There’s a wide range of talent and genres, from Fazerdaze to Tiny Little HousesThe Harpoons to Billy Davis and The Good Lords, and The Senegambian Jazz Band to the DayDreams DJs. But here’s five artists your future self may proclaim with pride to have once seen at the small festival called By The Meadow.

Darcy Baylis

Darcy Baylis isn’t entirely sure what his sound is, but his hardworking quest to discover himself has made him fascinating since he was a teenager playing as Naminé. His EP last year had enough talking points to write a thesis — it’s not always perfect, but when he get’s it right and it clicks, it’s eye-opening stuff. The man does it all himself, an all-in-one package who could easily disappear off the map or become the next big thing. So catch him now, in case of either scenario.



In late 2015 the Sydney band Flowertruck dropped one of the more underrated Australian EPs of recent years, an EP I still listen to regularly. Five songs that glisten with optimism, fun and skill that make it all sound so simple and effortless. Lead singer Charles Rushforth is full of joy and character — he draws you in but he’s not demanding. Nor is he the only star in the band; Sarah Sykes who also provides vocals is a another talent to keep an eye on, with her own band Sunscreen dropping a great EP last year. Watch out for Flowertruck’s next album release, they have too much talent not to take the next step.


Thank fudge this awesome trio moved to Melbourne from Perth. Perth’s lovely and all, but they deserved far more exposure and respect. These three women are a powerhouse live, playing at 100% every time on stage. I mean, you don’t move across an entire country unless you take your craft seriously. Dianas have the kind of band chemistry that makes you want to start a band.

Leah Senior

I always enjoy Leah Senior — you’d have to be soulless not to. But it wasn’t until BIGSOUND 2016 when I watched them in person, that I really become mesmerised by Leah. There’s a lot of singers out there that sound a little too close to their idols. There’s a huge wave of Angel Olsen singers right now for example, but Leah comes across genuine with her vocals and delivery. Leah truly has a beauty inside her and she translates it magnificently with light finger play and her angelic vocal range. The world could use more Leah Seniors.

Stella Donnelly

File Stella in the “catch her before she’s huge” folder. Stella continued her rise throughout 2017 and is set to play all over the world in 2018, at SXSW, Live in Leeds Festival and is opening for Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever around Europe. But before she takes over the world, you can catch her intimately at By The Meadow. Which honestly suits her better than the larger stages she’ll soon be playing; her music needs the quietest of crowds to be truly appreciated.

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28 Oct Strawberry Fields 2017: Our Top Picks

Photo by Bodhi Bailey

With each consecutive year, it seems more and more boutique festivals emerge onto the Victorian market — each with a unique flavour or musical niche trying to set themselves apart. But one undoubtedly pioneering festival that many of these new players have drawn inspiration from is Strawberry Fields. Its established place in the summer calendar has long been, and remains, a standout date with festival goers — largely due to its consistent quality and continued innovation. This is proved by this year’s stellar lineup, that acts as an example of how the festival continues to keep its finger on Australia’s musical pulse and draw the attention of music fans once more.

Located on the beautiful banks of the Murray River, Strawberry Fields is truly a meeting of art and music. While many festivals claim this moniker, few actually deliver more than a few token installations and a poorly attended workshop. The stage design and visual art of Strawberry is, in many ways, its defining feature. Ambitious, intricate stage designs and sweeping large-scale projections help to define the ambience of Strawberry’s various music spaces, creating an experience that truly combines both audio and aesthetic.

As the festival has continued to grow and its lineups and developed, 2017 is no different. Here are some of our top picks (in no particular order).

Daniel Avery

One of the biggest names on the line up for good reason, Daniel Avery has been on a relentless touring schedule since the release of his break out album ‘Drone Sounds’. The success of these shows is one of the reasons he is consistently placed in the Resident Advisor top 100. His music combines traditional dance and techno sounds with more unconventional elements and vocals perhaps more at home in psychedelic releases. These experimental moments should make for an engaging performance


Mall Grab

Expat Mall Grab has been making big waves since moving across to be based in London. His 2017 release ‘Pool Party Music’ is unique blend of garage, house, disco sounds and even a little hip-hop, that come together perfectly to create a polished, finished album that breaks many of the conventions associated with its respective parts.

The evolution of his releases shows a clear growth in his music appreciation and a drawing of inspiration from his new surroundings — recent live sets reflect this, too. What ever plays out at Strawberry, this’ll certainly be feel good hour or more of music.


Sampa The Great

Sampa is a local talent that continues to grow and impress with each successive release. Her unique style of rap breaks the mould for what has come to be expected from many female MCs and even Australian hip-hop in general. Putting a label on her music is hard to do but her renowned live set is certainly going to be one of the more unique in an otherwise largely tech-heavy set list.

Tall Black Guy

Vibe bringer Tall Black Guy’s Detroit origins are evident in his sets and productions. Jazz, Motown and hip-hop all form a strong foundation for the more modern, subtle layers of techno and house on his own music and the carefully crafted extended sets that fill soundcloud and youtube. If these sets, and reports from his Australian shows earlier in the year, are anything to go by this will be an act to absolutely not miss for fans of hip-hop and lounge instrumentals.


French producer Oxia has had a massive 2017 so far. The re-release of his techno classic ‘Domino’ along with a suite of remixes saw it enter back into the dance charts, along with his brooding take on Moby’s 1999 ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?’. His brand of melodic deep house is both approachable and engaging and sure to be worth checking out.

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17 Oct Hopkins Creek – Back for Round Two

Now into its second year, Hopkins Creek is homegrown and pleasantly authentic Australian festival that can boast not one but two international headliners. Set in an ominous volcanic crater just South of Ararat, Hopkins spawned from a series of wild renegade bush parties and some notable late nights in the Mercat. The festival, however, has crystallised into something just as authentic and far more polished.

Having attended the very first edition of Hopkins, the ethos of the festival is a simple one. Take a small but intimate crowd, strict attention to sound and let the natural surrounds do most of the legwork for atmosphere. However, with music festivals — as with anything — they can quickly become a victim of their own success. Hopefully, with its strictly limited capacity and a strong focus on creating a welcoming and diverse atmosphere, Hopkins can back it up again this year.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the line-up, namely Ripe’s top five picks for the weekend. It would be remiss to leave out the two international headliners, so we’ll get the ball rolling with those first.

Mount Liberation Unlimited

Hailing from Stockholm, this duo has expressed a profound love for Australia after their debut performance at Meredith Music Festival last year. Performing live, these two are known for performing huge tracks that are instant earworms. Wrap your ears around “Double Dance Lover” for some chipmunk-vocal goodness if you want to get a feel for Mount Lib.

Brian Not Brian

Another international, back for their second dose of Australia, Brian made his debut at Inner Varnika two years ago. A selector’s selector, Brian finds himself neck deep in dusty collections of rare records and loves to share his archives. One half of Going Good Records, Brian brings an eclectic sensibility to the star-studded line-up.


Melbourne stalwart Pjenne (pronounced like the pasta, I believe) has been making quite a name for herself with a firm handle on all things disco, funk and soul. Not to discount her rarer cuts, but Pjenne certainly knows how to steer a disco-minded dancefloor. Often headlining alongside Melbourne’s favourite parties like Daydreams, Wax ‘O and Lucid, keep your ears peeled for Pjenne.

Toni Yotzi

I want to say Toni Yotzi is one DJ to watch on the line-up, but it’s probably fair to say she has already established herself with some hugely diverse sets around Melbourne. This is my pick of the locals from Inner Varnika for blending huge grime tracks with noise and punk and electro — all for good measures.
With a mixed bag like no one else, Yotzi has the elasticity to stretch between all manner of genres and one to catch if you like being kept on your toes


Don’t let the name fool you, Sunnyside isn’t the name of a money-grabbing retirement home — it belongs to Camperdown natives who like to throw down.
Sunnyside brings a refreshing twist of jazzy live music to a line-up heavily populated with electronic artists. If you ever had any doubts that the clarinet was out of fashion, give Sunny a whirl. The perfect soundtrack to an ice-cold tin on the hill, check them out closing off the Sunday afternoon before Pjenne and Brian Not Brian.

Catch Loure at Hopkins Creek, and in the mean time you can check out his recent Ripe Guest Mix.

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19 Jul PREVIEW: Dekmantel Festival 2017

This is both mine and Ripe‘s third time attending Amsterdam’s Dekmantel, so we have some idea of what to expect at this years’ gathering. With so many world class artists coming together for the 10th year of the festival, we thought we’d introduce you to a few of the more obscure acts we’re excited to see push sonic boundaries from the 2nd to the 6th of August.


Drifting between euphoric synth, driving bass and relentless percussion Bristol-based Aleksi Perälä curates his live sets with a strong dance floor vision, piecing together a futuristic array of sounds that hold a distinctive atmosphere. His eerie, up-lifting, nostalgic sets create an experience many other producers are striving to construct, welding together a series of reflective sounds that are not confined to one seminal structure, constantly testing you as an auditor whilst engaging you as a dancer.

Aleksi Perälä performs his unique live set at the UFO stage from 15:00-16:00 on the Friday of the festival (the 4th of August).


Inga Mauer reveals her knowledge of a variety of genres with a unique approach to DJing, allowing each track time to progress and mixing in the next only when she sees fit, giving her DJ and radio sets a great sense of belonging. This applies to her production as well — a quirky, distorted and charismatic blend of techno that explores the depths of the electronic world.

Inga Mauer will unravel her brain from 16:00-17:30 at the Selectors stage on the Saturday of the festival (the 5th of August).


Poet, singer and producer Marie Davidson intertwines dark, sometimes frantic synth with strong interchangeable baselines, which dip and dive between varied structures and genres. Marie’s voice takes on varied personas from track to track, every chord and melody serving to test you. Years of experience and a refusal to conform to any one writing style has allowed Marie to develop a charismatic, indulgent and challenging sound.

Expose yourself to what will be a unique experience in the Greenhouse from 16:00-17:00 on the Sunday of the festival (the 6th of August).


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30 Jun Ripe’s Weekend Gig Guide (30/6/17)

Photo by Sarah Chavdaroska

Music venues around Melbourne house some of the best local and international acts. We’ve compiled our top five picks for gigs this week so you don’t miss out. Be a part of one of the best live music cities in the world, and check out some of our favourite artists and venues.

This Week…

Friday, 30th June

Slowcoaching Single Launch

$10 on the door


Slowcoaching have been hard at work this year, playing a ton of shows (including a v fun set at Shady Cottage) and working on their upcoming debut LP. They’re celebrating the launch of ‘Pillars of Salt’, the first single off said LP, this Friday night at The Worker’s Club.

Playing support are Backyard and POPPONGENE, with tunes from Callum Humphrys in between sets.

Friday, 30th June

Ciggie Witch, Maureen & Skivvy

$8 on the door


Ciggie Witch are playing at The Tote on Friday night, with support from Maureen and the up-and-coming charmers Skivvy.

Doors are at 8pm and entry is only $8, so grab your m8s (or a d8) and head down to see some gr8 live music.

Saturday, 1st July

‘Lucid’ Live Showcase #2

Tickets on the door


Lucid on Swanston St are hosting their second live showcase on Saturday, starting at 10pm and going well into the night.

The dynamic Albrecht La’Brooy and Rings Around Saturn are leading the lineup, with Pjenné and Ricci and hosts 6am at the Garage rounding out what will be a fantastic night of music.

Sunday, 2nd July

Birthday Rhymes with Tequila

Free entry


For anyone without an early Monday morning start looming over their heads (and arguably moreso for those of us who do), head to Section 8 on Sunday for tequila and free tacos.

There will be live sets from LØGØ and Amin Payne & Stacey Gardiner, and tunes from MzRizk (with special guests thando, Soreti, Au Dré, Niasha and Kaiit) and many more.

Sunday, 2nd July

Dark Beaút – Kiti’s Birthday Ball

Free entry


Later on Sunday is Dark Beaút at The Toff — a celebration of style, art and performance as well as a celebration of DJ Kiti‘s birthday.

There will be tunes from Kiti, Gavin Campbell, Salvador Darling and Nite Fleit and art from Jason Ebeyer, Rose Ng and more. Have a look at their instagram and prepare to delve into the deep dark night




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16 Jun Ripe’s Weekend Gig Guide (16/6/17)

Photo by Sarah Chavdaroska

Music venues around Melbourne house some of the best local and international acts. We’ve compiled our top five picks for gigs this week so you don’t miss out. Be a part of one of the best live music cities in the world, and check out some of our favourite artists and venues.

This Week…

Friday, 16th June

Ferla Double EP Launch

Tickets $12.25


Ferla‘s live shows are entertaining and full of life, and we’ve been looking forward to this one since they released their double EP Guilt Pop/Stay Posi a couple of weeks ago.

The Ocean Party, Girlatones and Loose Tooth DJs are joining them tonight at The Tote from 8pm.

Friday, 16th June

Fortunes. ‘Undress’ EP Tour

Tickets $18.40


After selling out their first show on the 20th of May at The Gasometer for their Undress EP tour, fortunes. favoured the eager and announced a second.

It’s at The Gaso again, with Nasty Mars and Minorfauna playing support. If word from the last one is anything to go by, it’s going to be a biggy.

Saturday, 17th June

Spank! feat Juliana Huxtable

Tickets $22.91


Spank! is back, this time with Juliana Huxtable leading an incredible line-up on Saturday night at The Night Cat.

Joining her will be Brooke Powers, Habits, Simona (playing a DJ set), Kandere, and Anuraag. Wear your dancing shoes.

Sunday, 18th June

Complexity – ‘Homie’ Fundraiser



The Gasometer is hosting Complexity on Sunday, an event in support of the fight against homelessness. It’s $10 on the door before 5pm and $15 after, with profits going to Homie.

The line-up features Colette, Millú + Pjenné, Mystery Machine and more, kicking off at 3pm.

Sunday, 18th June

Camp Cope Farewell Show



Before Camp Cope head overseas they’re playing a special farewell gig at The Tote on Sunday — their last Melbourne show until September.

They’ve got some ripper mates along to say goodbye in Suss Cunts, Mortgage, and Lubulwa. As it stands the gig has sold out, but keep your eyes peeled on the Facebook event page and you might get lucky.




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09 Jun Ripe’s Weekend Gig Guide (9/6/17)

Photo by Sarah Chavdaroska

Music venues around Melbourne house some of the best local and international acts. We’ve compiled our top five picks for gigs this week so you don’t miss out. Be a part of one of the best live music cities in the world, and check out some of our favourite artists and venues.

This Week…

Friday, 9th June

DIET. ‘Clothes Off’ Single Launch

$15 on the door


To celebrate the release of their new single ‘Clothes Off‘ local legends DIET. are playing tonight with support from Smoke Rings and Tram Cops.

This is your last chance to see DIET. before they embark on a string of interstate dates, so hustle down to The Evelyn and do your darnedest to resist their directive to take all of your clothes off. It’s very cold.

Friday, 9th June

APES ‘Stranger Than Strangers’ Launch

Tickets $12


A quick stroll down the road from the Ev at Yah Yah’s you can catch APES launching their debut album, Stranger Than Strangers, tonight.

Neon Tetra, Swamp, Coloured Clocks, and Yachay are playing support, and there will be vinyl copies of the LP available to buy.

Saturday, 10th June

Heat Wave ‘Dead Beats’ Launch

$10 on the door


Heat Wave are also launching their debut album, Dead Beats, this weekend. They’re marking the occasion with a party at The Old Bar in Fitzroy.

Joining them will be Bitch Diesel, Chelsea Bleach, V, and SPIT. Pleather Purrs is playing a DJ set as well, all for just ten (10) dollars.

Saturday, 10th June

Paradise Presents: GAIKA

Tickets $25


While he’s in the country for Dark Mofo and Vivid Sydney, indefinable electronic artist GAIKA is playing at The Night Cat on Saturday (care of the Paradise crew).

Ripe favs friendships. and kandere are playing support, along with DJ sets from Tommy Codling and the Paradise DJs.

Sunday, 11th June

I Oh You: Queen’s Birthday Eve

Tickets $24


Take full advantage of the long weekend with I Oh You‘s Queen’s Birthday eve party on Sunday night at The Gasometer.

Slum Sociable and Christopher Port are playing live sets, with DJ sets from Total Giovanni, Rainbow Connection and I OH YOU DJs to take you through to the public holiday. Rug up and get down.




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31 May Ripe’s Weekend Gig Guide (31/5/17)

Photo by Sarah Chavdaroska

Music venues around Melbourne house some of the best local and international acts. We’ve compiled our top five picks for gigs this week so you don’t miss out. Be a part of one of the best live music cities in the world, and check out some of our favourite artists and venues.

This Week…

Friday, 2nd June

Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird

Tickets $10.75


Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird play invariably beautiful, wholly engaging live sets. Unsurprising, then, that their gig at The Gasometer this Friday is already dangerously close to selling out.

The Bird have been steadily working on their debut LP Electric Brown, so expect some new tunes + extremely good vibes enhanced by support from Swamp and Hollie Joyce.

Friday, 2nd June

Butter Sessions + NIMH present: Kenji Takimi

Tickets $25


Japanese underground dance pioneer Kenji Takimi is blessing our shores once again, with a gig at The Sub Club in the city on Friday.

Hosts Sleep D and Noise In My Head are also playing on the night, along with another star of eclectic dance selection, Pjenné.

Saturday, 3rd June

Freedom Time Winter

Tickets $99


DJ Harvey, CC:DISCO!, Habits, Sleep D, Andee Frost, and Brooke Powers aren’t even half of the names on the ridiculous lineup for the winter incarnation of Freedom Time on Saturday.

The Coburg Cycling Velodrome is rugging up for the occasion, with fire pits and three big top tents to protect you from whatever weather Melbourne decides to throw at us this weekend.

Saturday, 3rd June

Shrimpwitch ‘Eggs Eggs Eggs’ Launch

$10 on the door


The fiercely energetic Shrimpwitch are launching their new 7″ EP ‘Eggs Eggs Eggs‘ (the first physical release for new label Hysterical Records) on Saturday night at the Grace Darling.

They’ve curated a fantastic group of acts to play with them on the night, with Rhysics, Plaster of Paris, and Pillow Pro rounding out the lineup.

Saturday, 3rd June

Loomer presents Jennifer Loveless

On the door


Loomer is Boney‘s Saturday night dance party, and this week they have another faultless lineup headlined by the incredibly talented and hardworking Jennifer Loveless.

DJ Heure, Steven Be Calm, Post Percy, Henry Who and more will be playing music all night, so head down early to take advantage of the tunes and free entry before 10pm.




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