25 Aug Video Premiere: Workhorse – ‘Alone’

The Adelaide voyaging-garage rock band Workhorse have crafted an exemplary video for their anxiety filled song ‘Alone‘.  Not only this, but their debut seven track cassette titled No Sun has also just been dropped via a digital release, thanks to the Brisbane label legends Tenth Court.

The star of the video is Harriet Fraser-Barbour, whose other band Wireheads makes regular appearances in our weekly playlists. The song expands with exploratory guitars and a twangy sense of freedom, paired with softly spoken vocals and a sense of nervous energy. This energy is met and reinforced with lyrics such as “Everytime I see your face, I get scared of my new age” and “And now I know”. The lyrics capture a sense of concern and realisation, the emotive narrative of the track oscilating back and forth between these concepts.

Fittingly, the video reflects these mind frames, blending the nostalgic and the new. There’s a montage of vertical mobile phone footage inside of 16×9 ratio landscape footage. The vertical footage deals with themes both familiar yet isolating — selfies, mirror shots, skateboarding alone, drinking alone and driving alone. The landscape footage captures something more esoteric and less tied to the every-day, with shots of the outback, animals playing, sunsets and a rainbow.

I’ve likely looked too deep into the video for ‘Alone’, but just like any piece of art, my interpretation could serve others well. The next time you’re feeling alone, play this video to remind yourself to look outside of your own state of mind and experience the world around you.


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18 Sep REVIEW: Venus II – ‘I Want U 4 Myself’ (Official Video)

Having dropped their debut album just under a month ago, Venus II are now starting to grab the attention of trained ears around the internet. Their unique, quirky blend of both electronic and jazz sounds gives their music the ability to move across any number of genres within the one track. The diversity in their song-writing is easy to recognise when comparing their two lead singles – the cosmic ‘Inside Your Sun’ and the more lo-fi number ‘I Want U 4 Myself’.

It’s the unconventional, off-kilter sound of this recent release, ‘I Want U 4 Myself’, that has caught the imagination of Adelaide film-maker Young Black Youth. His cinematography in the recently released film clip helps visualise the bizarre charisma of the track. Through a montage of ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock‘ inspired imagery and psychedelic B-roll, the film clip perfectly riffs on Ella Thompson’s guest vocals and the sporadic moments of saxophone that are layered throughout the song.

Similarly to the audio, the video has a charming, self-aware DIY-feel that is offset by a clearly well-considered composition.


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04 May Video: Nearly Oratorio – ‘Tin’


Simon Lam received a few Radiohead comparisons during his time with former band I’lls, so it’s funny that the video for his beautiful, humble little track ‘Tin’ would release on the same day as Thom Yorke & Co. pull the trigger on their much-hyped ‘Burn The Witch’.

Rather than a carefully-manicured stop motion epic, the new Nearly Oratorio piece is a glimpse into Lam’s past, filmed over two years ago by his I’lls/Couture bandmate (and Solitaire Recordings co-owner) Hamish Mitchell on his then-newly acquired VHS camera. It draws back the veil on Simon with its earnest home video quality, lyrics printed for all to see and ponder.

Many artists of Nearly Oratorio’s age would shudder at the thought of releasing something recorded this long ago, not content with press shots taken mere months ago. But ‘Tin’ sounded wonderful then, and now.

The Tin EP is out now, and is available to buy here.

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27 Jan Banalarama featuring Sui Zhen, Terrible Truths, Mangelwurzel and The Harpoons

The local YouTube channel Banalarama, run by Zachary Bradtke and Nick Clarke, put together an ABABCd event on January 8th at The Gasometer Hotel in Melbourne. Presented by Creative Victoria, the lineup consisted of The Harpoons, Mangelwurzel (led by Jaala), Sui Zhen and Terrible Truths.

While we were unfortunately unable to make it down to this one, the footage is thankfully online now, and it’s a great insight into the variety of sounds currently coming out of Melbourne on a regular basis.


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