28 May Mildlife – ‘Rare Air’

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a song featuring just four males. How boring that concept has become. However new Mildlife music is not boring. Not because Mildlife is this huge think-piece of an art project out of Melbourne, but rather because the instrumentation yielding upon multiple closer inspections provides so many different colours, depending on what frequency your ears choose to hone in on each listen.

If you’re trying to fully appreciate ‘Rare Air’ with earbuds or a Google Home mini, you might as well save your time and put on a podcast (Anonymous Music). ‘Rare Air’ is like a fine wine. Save it for a special occasion when you’re seated in your comfiest chair, with your most expensive piece of audio listening device, and then close your eyes.

Despite ‘Rare Air’ being 6 minutes and 53 seconds in length, it’s not entirely satisfying as a complete top and tailed track, but that might actually be a good sign, as they arguably went too all in when they released ‘Magnificent Moon’, especially as Track #1 on it’s album Phase. It unintentionally made it really hard for the rest of the album to live up to those extremely high standards set so early on. ‘Rare Air’ is likely to slide in and co-operate more as a team player of a track within the context of their forthcoming album Automatic on September 18th via Inertia Music.

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor – Follow on Twitter