29 Jun Music Industry Mentoring Edge

Graphics by Carla Scotto

On this episode of the Anonymous Musicians podcast we spoke to some key members involved in the new Music Industry Mentorship Edge (MIME) program. Host Francesca Gonzales speaks to directors Ben Wiesner who is the Director of Music at The Box Hill Institute, and Hannah Brooks from the The City of Melbourne about the importance of this program and why Melbourne.
Merida Sussex from Stolen Recordings, Merlin Network and the lead singer of The Paradise Motel. We asked Merida who will be delivering some of the core content in the MINE program and her involvement. How the program will be looking into transforming local artists into global artists. How learning a financial and business approach to music can increase the potential for a successful artist. The program will be presented and supported in partnership with Box Hill Institute and City of Melbourne. We highly recommend anyone in the Melbourne Music Industry to listen to this podcast and look further into the MINE program.

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