23 Feb Anonymous Musicians: ‘Social Media – Best Practice’

Graphics by Carla Scotto

I’m going to post all the Anonymous Musicians podcasts from my new Hmmm Podcasts channel on Ripe. At least until Hmmm Podcasts catches on.

On this ‘Social Media – Best Practice’ episode of Anonymous Musicians: Host Fran, social media marketer Ollie Hall, and songwriter and singer Anita Lester discuss how musicians can approach social media. (07:52) What they each think social media does well. (14:43) We breakdown Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. (28:10) Ollie advises Anita on how to post on social media. (35:25) Why we feel the need to create social media content. (38:42) They dive into the benefits of analytics. (46:08) Where to spend money.

Best Practice Steps:
1. Choose your platform/s
2. What do you want to say?
3. What does your ‘brand’ (artist profile/idea) stand for?
4. What is the theme of your music
5. You control your relationship between your music and your ‘brand’ (and how much of your personality you want to inject into it)
6. What should I be posting about?
7. Traditionally brands and social teams use content pillars. For a car brand this could be motor sport, history of brand, family, outdoor experience etc.

For an artist this might be:
1. Creative process
2. Local community
3. Venues
4. Collaborators
5. Diversity
6. Mental health
7. Body image

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