08 May Dave Machine – ‘Nectarine’

Dave has only been in Melbourne for a year, so there’s a high chance most people haven’t seen him play live, I l know I haven’t. I don’t even know if he’s played live yet, but we ever get back to IRL gigs again, I’m keeping my eye open for his name on an event poster, because ‘Nectarine’ is that shimmery, glittery dance floor escapism I want to immersive myself in as soon as possible. It’s also a comforting head space that works particularly well in our bedrooms (not a lot of low end needed), or if you’re going for a bike ride or run, it’s high fidelity makes me naturally look up in the same way Chillwave and Glo-fi did in late 2008, when the world needed some light optimism after the GFC, or in my case, sunlight from studying all day inside.
If you dig DFA Records artists like Holy Ghost! The Juan Maclean or instrumental version of Hot Chip, then chow down on ‘Nectarine’.

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