15 Apr Community Radio During COVID-19

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On this ‘COVID-19 Effects On The Community Radio World’ episode of Anonymous Musicians:
Host Francesca Gonzales speaks to Maddy Macfarlane (PBS), Erin Dick (SYN) and Jas Moore (RRR) about how local Melbourne stations are operating at this time. How donations and support for metro radio stations is more important that ever as they are creating a strong community and supporting local musicians through-out this crisis. The importance of tuning in or touching base with regional stations that are in need for help at this time.

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05 Dec INTERVIEW: Jubilants

You might have recently heard their uber cool song ‘Fiasco’, which made me dance about when it flooded through my ear phones, or perhaps it was ‘Antics’ or ‘Spain’ that got your body moving. Ardie and Josh, one half of the four piece project The Jubilants, kindly gave up some of their time to chat with me this week. They let me know how they are feeling about being a triple j unearthed band, how they negotiate being in different parts of the world away from each other and their Jubilants DJ project that keeps the good times rolling with a great bunch of friends.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Sydney this weekend check them out at Acid Stag’s XXXMAS Party at FBI Social this Friday 7th December. Details here:

Now how are you guys today?

Ardie: Yeah pretty good. I just finished work. Josh is here as well.

Josh: Hi.

Ardie: What have you been doing today Josh?

Josh: Not much (laughs)

I understand you met in high school and that’s how you formed the band. Do you sort of feel that the band has kept you together where you might have gone your separate ways?

Ardie: Well for me. I’m the older guy, two years above the rest of them and they were all pretty close at school. So Josh, Jose and Raf were all pretty close and in the same group at high school. And so I think we were all running into each other. Yeah so I probably wouldn’t have known them or come out with them much otherwise. So yeah I’ve been accepted into the group I suppose.

Now, Nina Las Vegas described your song ‘Antics’ as “very cute indie pop”, as well as a lot of other love from triple j. Did you expect to get this far?

Ardie: Yeah. I mean ah um. Yeah like that was quite a long time ago. ‘Antics’ is a 2 year old song now.

Josh: It probably felt a bit out of the blue.

Ardie: Yeah we got a lot of love of that track we probably just really didn’t expect it. A couple of people blogged about it with youtube channels that just loved posting it. Then we got a lot of people from all over the place, triple j also played it on triple j unearthed. We got people on it through triple j unearthed and we got it reviewed as well. So that was cool – we didn’t expect it on ‘Antics’ and then as time progressed and we’ve kind of changed our sound a little bit.

Yeah I’ve definitely noticed.

Ardie: Yeah we’ve been supported by a lot of those people that came out of the blue to begin with. So a couple of those people have blogged about us from nowhere. And some of those blogs have got a few more people on board. And yeah it’s been really good. And triple j unearthed definitely have supported us. We’ve got 2 tracks on there now that I think are being played. So yeah. It’s been great.

Yeah they do support a lot of local sort of up-and-coming bands.

Ardie: Yeah

How helpful do you see triple j for promoting and unearthing local talent? How does that process happen? Do they pick you up or do you have to send your music in? Or is it a bit of both?

Ardie: Well we put our stuff on triple j unearthed.

Josh: And they kind of sift through all of it

Ardie: I think it’s a bit more than that. I think most of the time they look at the band and the whole and work out whether they’re serious or whether they’re just throwing something out there. They kind of try to get a bit of a back story of the bands they support, usually bands that are kind of going somewhere already.

Josh: I think they’re more likely to support you if you have not necessarily the whole package but something behind you that’s not just a song on triple j unearthed.

Yeah some vision.

Ardie: Yeah totally.

Now I read somewhere that ‘Antics’ gets played in Victoria Secret stores is that an achievement you ever expected?


Josh: Um. Nup. (laughing)

Ardie: Yeah we just found out about that.

Josh: Quite a funny phone call. I think from one of our friends that had been to America and rang up Jose and said we were getting played in Victoria Secret stores.


Ardie: I guess we’ve made it, right?


The powers of the internet  I guess creep into different markets?

Ardie: Exactly.

What other projects are you guys working on? Anything separately? Or is Jubilants your main aim for the mid to long term?

Ardie: Well basically at the moment we are working hard on our DJ set. Which has been really successful. That kind of gives us a different aspect of our music. We get to play all these things that inspire us and have fun and party as well.

So where do you take the DJ set? I wasn’t aware of that.

Josh: Well our guitarist Raf left for Europe for two months.

Oh wow.

Josh: Yeah that’s one of the reasons why we’re focusing on the DJ set now because we’re not all going to be in the same place for a little while. Like he (Raf) is over there (Europe.) Ardie’s gone over to New Zealand and done a set.

Ardie: So it’s just kind of a good excuse to like even when we are apart we can still push ourselves and play as the Jubilants even though we are apart. Yeah so as well as a band we are a collective of DJs as well.

Yeah definitely. Throughout your performing in Australia what have been your favourite acts to support or be apart of their live show?

Ardie: Um couple of bands we have played with. I think The Griswolds were really cool. Only ‘cos they throw paint powder everywhere.

Josh: I still have the paint powder in my ear.


Ardie: Yeah the room was filled with all these crazy colours all night. Other bands we played with like Made in Japan who are just a solid live act. We’ve played with them a couple of times they’re always cool. March of the Real Fire who are just crazy live. Like just crazy.

So heaps of things! Now within the triple j network do you get the chance to meet up with other musicians on the scene to discuss how you’ve experienced music or the pros and cons you’ve experienced or are you all sort of separated and doing your own thing and it’s not really connected?

Ardie: Uh I dunno. That’s a tough one.

Or is it more you’re proactive about the people you meet up with and you sort of make it happen?

Josh: I’d probably say not so much through the triple j, more like there’d be bands that we played with sort of the ones we’ve got along with and we think kind of fit in with each other definitely stayed in contact with them and kind of like running ideas off each other. But they’ll send us something, something will happen from that. Like that sort of thing.

Ardie: I guess when we did this EP launch recently at FBi Social and in booking bands for that I went through a couple of people and decided to sort out some people through triple j unearthed. And it’s a good searching target for not just people that listen to music but bands to go through that site and look for people. But on top of that I think once you’re friends with the band you just try and play with them as much as you can. And that always helps too.

How do you feel about triple j unearthed? Does there come a point where you don’t want to be associated with that anymore? Not in a rude way but do get to a point where you’ve progressed further than needing to be part of the network? Does there come a point where you appreciate what they have done but you want to move forward?

Ardie: Well a lot of the time people think Australian music is triple j. But there’s a lot more out there and so many bands. There a lot of other radios that support like FBI supported us.

Yeah I’ve heard about them. I’m from Melbourne so we obviously don’t get them down here, but they seem like a really cool radio network.

Ardie: Yeah totally. I think there’s RRR down with you as well.

Yeah they’re cool.

Ardie: Yeah and then on top of that just like plenty of blogs that support music. Like we just DJ’d at this party for Indie Shuffle.

Oh wow that’s amazing!

Ardie: Yeah they blogged about it a bit. They put on a big party and that was great. There is a lot more out there than triple j, there’s heaps of blogs.

Josh: I find triple j a good tool to get noticed. But you kind of have to branch out. I think if you kind of put all your hopes on triple j, which is what a lot of bands can do and sort of neglect the blog side of it, you’re not going to get as far as you could.

Ardie: Yeah I reckon a lot of the time bands will put their stuff up there and wait to be noticed. Whereas you can’t do that. You’ve got do a bit more than that.

Yeah I guess there are so many bands cropping up each week on the internet. How do you feel your band is different? I guess it is really hard for bands ‘cos  there are so many bands that can have easy access to maybe not the best technology but to put the music up online and then it might just end up on Hype Machine and get a lot of hits but you don’t really know where they’ve come from in such a quick time.

Josh: Yeah it’s definitely the entire package you provide now as opposed to before where you could put up a song and people might be like “oh that’s amazing.” I really like that. Nowadays I think we [put a lot of effort into] images chosen to go with the track which is [indicative of our personality] it’s not just the track. With the DJ set we all have quite an eclectic range of music and it’s kind of like you’re presenting people with a range of music that’s not just a song now.

How much time out of your week do you spend together and spend working on your music? Or is it a time you catch up every couple of weeks? Do you guys have jobs on the side to support yourselves?

Ardie: Yeah. Like I’m the worker. And the other guys do all their uni.


Josh: Yeah I just finished my uni degree. Not a full time job, no.

Yeah but uni takes up a lot of time though.

Ardie: Yeah we get together whenever we can. As I told you we have a weekly thing on Monday’s so we always hang out. Whether it’s four or one or two. It doesn’t really work with one.


Josh: I think it’s good for us to bounce ideas off each other, regularly though. So sometimes we’re not always in the same place but there’s dropbox and that kind of thing you can easily get ideas across now.

Ardie: And because we’ve all started to be obsessed with travelling a lot of the time there’s not all four of us so it’s really important to keep in touch, try send each other stuff and use emails and that.

Yeah it’s definitely important. Now what’s happening over the next six months? We’re coming into summer, do you guys have anything exciting coming up that you’d like our readers to know about?

Ardie: Yeah on the 7th of December we’re playing a party for Acid Stag’s a cool blog out of Sydney. So we’ll be DJing at that one. Obviously Raf who’s overseas at the moment [he’s played over in London.]

Josh: So Raf’s overseas now and Ardie’s leaving for New Zealand in two weeks.

Ardie: And I’m going to America soon so hopefully play some show’s over there.

Oh wow! An exciting life you guys lead!


Ardie: Yeah so we’re all over the shop and then I think we’re going to settle down in Janurary.

Josh: Yeah late January we’d said we were going to start writing up some more tracks.

Ardie: We’re going to start rocking it again which is going to be super exciting. We’ve got a few ideas which are floating around already.

Oh really? Sounds really exciting. Do you have any plans to come to Melbourne?

Ardie: Oh, I’d love to come to Melbourne.

Have you guys been to Melbourne before?

Ardie: Yeah I’ve stopped down a couple of times but we haven’t played down there as a band or DJ’d.

Josh: I was actually born in Melbourne.

Oh really? Crazy. We’re not that bad… Ha. Jokes.


Ardie: Yeah so we don’t have any immediate plans. But surely we’ll pop down there at some stage.

Oh nice. Well thank you guys for your time and good luck with everything and have fun on all your trips.

Ardie: Cheers


Interview by Stephanie Hume.



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